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Nouveautés à la bibliothèque

Consultez la section Nouveautés à la bibliothèque de notre site web pour prendre connaissance des nouvelles ressources de notre collection. Nous mettons la liste à jour régulièrement.


50 fantastic ideas for early language development
by Scanlan, Mary, 1960-

The ABCs of autism in the classroom : setting the stage for success
by Marsh, Wendela Whitcomb

Activate : deeper learning through movement, talk, and flexible classrooms
by Hernandez, Katherine, 1972-, Mayher, Jonathan.

Balanced leadership for powerful learning : tools for achieving success in your school
by Goodwin, Bryan,, Cameron, Greg,, Hein, Heather

Behavior [electronic resource] : An RTI Approach for Nurturing Essential Life Skills (Transform Your Differentiated Instruction, Assessment, and Behavior-Management Strategies).
by Weber, Chris.

Boost your STEAM program with great literature and activities
by Knowles, Elizabeth, 1946-, Smith, Martha, 1946-

Brave teaching : bringing emotional-resiliency skills from the wilderness to the classroom
by Pozatek, Kristine,, Love, Sarah, 1982-

Building character, community and a growth mindset in physical education : activities that promote learning and emotional and social development
by Anderson, Leigh Ann, 1969-, Glover, Donald R.,

Character toolkit for teachers : 100+ classroom and whole school character education activities for 5- to 11-year-olds
by Roberts, Frederika,, Wright, Elizabeth, 1979-

CHOOSE YOUR WORDS : communicating with young children.

Craft moves : lesson sets for teaching writing with mentor texts
by Shubitz, Stacey, 1977-

Creative investigations in early math
by Eckhoff, Angela, 1974-

Design thinking for school leaders : five roles and mindsets that ignite positive change
by Gallagher, Alyssa,, Thordarson, Kami

Developing tenacity : teaching learners how to persevere in the face of difficulty
by Lucas, Bill, 1956-, Spencer, Ellen

Discipline with dignity : how to build responsibility, relationships, and respect in your classroom
by Curwin, Richard L., 1944-, Mendler, Allen N.,, Mendler, Brian D.,

Educational coaching : a partnership for problem solving
by Toll, Cathy A., 1956-

Effective Discipline Policies : How to Create a System that Supports Young Children's Social-Emotional Competence.
by Longstreth, Sascha., Garrity, Sarah.

The ELL teacher's toolbox : hundreds of practical ideas to support your students
by Ferlazzo, Larry,, Hull-Sypnieski, Katie, 1974-

The ethics of special education
by Howe, Kenneth R. (Kenneth Ross)

Exploring the science of sounds : 100 musical activities for young children
by Connors, Abigail Flesch, 1957-

Facilitating teacher teams and authentic PLCs : the human side of leading people, protocols, and practices
by Venables, Daniel R.,

Forest school and autism : a practical guide
by James, Michael, 1971-

Freedom to learn : creating a classroom where every child thrives
by Willans, Art, 1943-,, Williams, Cari Lynette

Fun learning activities for modern foreign languages
by Hunton, Jake

Games for teaching primary French
by Bourdais, Danièle,, Finnie, Sue

The growth mindset coach : a teacher's month-by-month handbook for empowering students to achieve
by Brock, Annie,, Hundley, Heather

High-quality early learning for a changing world : what educators need to know and do
by Falk, Beverly

How curiosity, peer coaching, and teaming can change your school
by Goodwin, Bryan

How to Be a Peaceful School : Practical Ideas, Stories and Inspiration.
by Webb, Sue., Nahal, Pali., Holmes, David., Zammit, Jackie., Floyd, Helen., Easom, Christine., Robinson, Felicity., Hoyle, Thérèse., Phillips, Wendy., Lubelska, Anna.

Learning science by doing science : 10 classic investigations reimagined to teach kids how science really works, grades 3-8
by Colburn, Alan, 1961-

Learning things : material culture in art education
by Blandy, Douglas Emerson, 1951-, Bolin, Paul Erik, 1954-

The Little Book of Music for the Classroom : Using music to improve memory, motivation, learning and creativity.
by Jackson, Nina., Gilbert, Ian.

Loose parts 3 : inspiring culturally sustainable environments
by Daly, Lisa,, Beloglovsky, Miriam,, Knight, Jenna,

Mindset mathematics : visualizing and investigating big ideas, grade 3
by Boaler, Jo, 1964-, Munson, Jen, 1977-, Williams, Cathy, 1962-

Mindset mathematics : visualizing and investigating big ideas, grade 5
by Boaler, Jo, 1964-, Munson, Jen, 1977-, Williams, Cathy, 1962-

Moving with words & actions : physical literacy for preschool and primary children
by Clements, Rhonda L.,, Schneider, Sharon L.,

The neurodiverse classroom : a teacher's guide to specific learning difficulties and meeting individual students needs
by Honeybourne, Victoria (Language and communication teacher),

Number sense routines. Building mathematical understanding every day in grades 3-5
by Shumway, Jessica F.,

The onward workbook : daily activities to cultivate your emotional resilience and thrive
by Aguilar, Elena, 1969-

Promoting active lifestyles in schools
by Harris, Jo, 1955-, Cale, Lorraine

Qualities of effective teachers
by Stronge, James H.

Questioning strategies for teaching the gifted
by Shaunessy, Elizabeth.

Reading the rainbow : LGBTQ-inclusive literacy instruction in the elementary classroom
by Ryan, Caitlin L.,, Hermann-Wilmarth, Jill M.

Reclaiming accountability in teacher education
by Cochran-Smith, Marilyn, 1951-, Carney, Molly Cummings,, Keefe, Elizabeth Stringer, 1972-, Burton, Stephani,, Wen-Chia Chang,, Fernandez, M. Beatriz,, Miller, Andrew F.,, Sanchez, Juan Gabriel,, Baker, Megina

Rewiring education : how technology will help unlock every student's potential
by Couch, John D., 1947-, Towne, Jason

Simple STEAM : 50+ science, technology, engineering, art, math activities for ages 3 to 6
by Mitchell, Debby, 1953-, Forestieri, Marnie,, Gomez, Abel

Simple stuff to get kids self-regulating in school : awesome and in control lesson plans, worksheets and strategies for learning
by Brukner, Lauren,, Liebstein, Lauren

STEM play : integrating inquiry into learning centers
by Englehart, Deirdre

Storymaking : the maker movement approach to literacy for early learners
by Compton, Michelle Kay,, Thompson, Robin, 1960-

Summer reading : closing the rich/poor reading achievement gap
by Allington, Richard L.,, McGill-Franzen, Anne

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