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College Staff

The following is a brief outline of College departments and their roles along with a list of employees. The designation (B) indicates an individual who communicates in French and English.

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Office of the Registrar


  • Michael Salvatori, OCT, PhD – Chief Executive Officer and Registrar (B)
  • Joe Jamieson, OCT – Deputy Registrar
  • Josie Peretti - Executive Assistant to Deputy Registrar (B)
  • Shirley Rodricks – Executive Assistant to Registrar

Finance Unit

  • collects membership fees and other accounts receivable
  • administers budget, payroll and accounting services
  • provides support to Council’s Finance Committee and audit functions


  • Fred Towers, CPA, CMA  - College Controller
  • Susan Bramon
  • Tenzin Kelsang
  • Giovanna Rodrigues, CPM
  • Devi Subramanian 
  • Fanny Yun-Fang Shen

Corporate and Council Services Department


  • supports Registrar, Deputy Registrar and Council members
  • provides human resource services
  • supports building and office services


  • Richard Lewko - Director of Corporate and Council Services
  • Marcel Badertscher, CHRE - Manager of Human Resources (B)
  • Michael Guanio 
  • Cynthia Liberbaum - Executive Assistant to Chair and Council (B)
  • Joey Louie - Facility Co-ordinator
  • Barry Piffero
  • Asif Sattar, OCT, CHRL
  • Sandra Sostaric - Executive Assistant to Director of Corporate and Council Services
  • David Tallo

Communications Unit

  • writes and designs College publications, including Professionally Speaking
  • develops and maintains content of College digital media properties
  • provides media relations and translation services
  • provides production services, including creative design, printing, mail


  • William Powell – Manager
  • Gabrielle Barkany, OCT (B)
  • Zul Bidin
  • Thomas Brouard (B)
  • Melissa Campeau
  • Kristin Doucet
  • Pierre Ducharme (B)
  • Mark Farmer
  • Robert Foerster
  • Julie Fournel (B)
  • Lori Hall (B)
  • Brian Jamieson
  • Stephanie McLean (B)
  • Edmund Muyot
  • Jefferson Ng
  • Véronique Ponce (B)
  • Kerry Walford
  • Simon Young
  • Olivia Yu

Information Technology Unit

  • develops and supports College computer systems, databases and telecommunications
  • provides technical support to College websites and web services


  • Rogelio Salvador - Manager
  • Cristall Amurao
  • Jason Borovoy
  • Craig Bryan
  • Dorin Farcas
  • Joseph Fuentes
  • Aaron Hamilton
  • Tatiana Iankelevitch
  • Eric Kazenga (B)
  • Wade Leason
  • (Sally) Peihua Li
  • Paul Melanson (B)
  • Aldo Rosati
  • Janet Stewart
  • Vivian Yap

Policy and Research Unit

  • supports College Council and Committees
  • monitors legislation and provides background research on issues relevant to the profession of teaching and professional regulators
  • manages library services to College members and staff
  • maintains College archives
  • conducts outreach to the public and College members


  • Charlie Morrison – Manager
  • Kathy Anstett
  • Kim Bauer
  • Kate Cattell-Daniels (B)
  • Tan Crombie
  • Diane Frey (B)
  • Stéphanne Horace, OCT (B)
  • Lisa Leggett
  • Jacqueline Lord, LL.B
  • Elizabeth Malczak
  • Céline Martineau, LL.B
  • Melissa McNabb, OCT
  • Elena Moreno (B)
  • Daiana Moschetto (B)
  • Saran Ragunathan, LL.B, OCT


Investigations and Hearings Department

Administration (Intake and Exec Asst to Director)

  • receives complaints about College members from parents, educators, school boards and general public
  • manages complaint resolution processes
  • supports discipline and fitness to practise hearings


  • Chantal Bélisle, OCT - Director of Investigations and Hearings (B)
  • Helen Melanson - Executive Assistant to Director
  • Jamie Guerra, OCT (B)
  • Patrick Winter (B)

Investigations Unit

  • investigates discipline and fitness to practise complaints
  • prepares reports on complaint investigations for review by Investigations, Discipline and Fitness to Practise Committees


  • Janice Duggan, LL.B - Manager
  • David Abbott
  • Bernadette Best, OCT
  • Joanne Corbett
  • Michael Crook, OCT (B)
  • Adelia Da Silva
  • Lisa Da Costa
  • Soybou Dieng (B)
  • Sharon Edwards
  • Liisa Ferris
  • Julie Harmgardt (B)
  • Maala Nair
  • Salma Ramjane
  • Jeff Steinberg
  • Carly Thomson, OCT
  • Dianne Ukuri (B)
  • Marie-France Wilson (B)
  • Nicholas Woloszczuk

Professional Conduct


  • Nadine Carpenter, LL.B – Manager
  • Jason Bennett
  • Zirka Jakibchuk, LL.B
  • Jaclyn Luebke
  • Jean-Francois Schaan (B)
  • Sherri Scott
  • Tatiana Tkatch



  • Andy Rosenhek, LL.B (B) - Manager
  • Aysha Ali
  • Stephanie Bjurström, J.D., OCT
  • Cheryl Fernandes-Stechishin
  • Savitri Gangaram
  • Sherri Scott

Membership Services Department


  • Linda Zaks-Walker, OCT - Director of Membership Services
  • Sylvie Bélanger - Executive Assistant to Director (B)
  • Nancy Tran, Membership Analyst (B)

Client Services Unit

  • staffs contact centre for members, applicants and general public, including call centre and email information services
  • provides walk-in service counter for members, applicants and general public.


  • Robert Lachance (B) - Manager
  • Debbie Aswal
  • Guy Desroches, OCT (B)
  • Anne Dolla (on leave) (B)
  • Giselle Donis (B)
  • Larry D’Silva
  • Jeannie Flowers-Correa (B)
  • Arpine Galstyan (B)
  • Alina Gershuny-Jadduroy (B)
  • Sachita Gopal, OCT (B)
  • Michael Kinchsular
  • Joelle Lauriol (B)
  • Pascaline Memie (B) 
  • Nancy Murphy (B)
  • Sarah Nodwell (B)
  • Pierre Savoie (B)
  • Linda Somersall
  • Ted Soutar
  • Arianne Wood-Russell (B)

Evaluation Services Unit

  • evaluates qualifications of applicants for College membership
  • determines whether international qualifications and credentials meet Ontario requirements
  • evaluates Additional Qualification requirements and equivalencies


  • Marianne Tompkins-Carter - Manager
  • Denise Brandon
  • Suresh Britto
  • George D'Agostino (B)
  • Genevieve Dec
  • Stan Ng
  • Jennifer Pottinger (B)
  • Yann Quemener (B)
  • Karen Urbano (B)
  • Zeina Yusuf (B)

Membership Records Unit

  • creates and maintains records for College members
  • reviews, validates and processes applications for membership


  • Iona Mitchell - Manager (B)
  • Mehdia Arshed (B)
  • Lynne Bettridge, OCT
  • Nancy Blackie
  • Amanda Blaine
  • Sandra Brooks-Coley
  • Akina Chu
  • Viktoriya Fedoryshyna (B)
  • Hugh Gordon
  • Maryann Jack
  • Daphne Jean-Pierre
  • Shikha Kumar Johar
  • Vidya Nair (B)
  • Marie-Noelle Moto Tomo (B)
  • Maria Nushis
  • Christina Peck
  • Betty Rosati
  • Susana Sou San Kong
  • Adriana Vacean
  • Lillian White

Standards of Practice and Accreditation Department


  • Roch Gallien, OCT - Director of Standards of Practice and Accreditation (B)
  • Marisa McCallister - Executive Assistant to Director (B)

Accreditation Unit

  • supports reviews of the faculty of education programs at Ontario universities to satisfy the requirements set out under Regulation 347/02, Accreditation of Teacher Education Programs.
  • reviews program changes, and additions to programs, from accredited initial teacher education program providers.
  • conducts research, analyzes and ensures accredited programs are committed to continuous improvement related to initial teacher education.
  • develops resources to support an understanding of new elements in Ontario’s enhanced teacher education programs.


  • Melanie Franks
  • Janis Leonard, OCT
  • Carmelina Martin, OCT
  • Stefanie Muhling, OCT (B)
  • Anna-Marie Nielsen, OCT (B)
  • Charlotte Primeau, OCT (B)

Standards of Practice and Education Unit

  • conducts research and analysis to inform regulatory changes and policy development related to Additional Qualification courses and programs and professional practice.
  • develops and implements the ethical standards, standards of practice and professional learning framework for the teaching profession.
  • accredits and reviews changes to AQ courses and programs offered by accredited providers.
  • develops teacher education resources to support ethical professional practice.
  • facilitates educative sessions to foster provincial capacity related to the ethical standards, standards of practice, the professional learning framework, Additional Qualifications and Accreditation.


  • Déirdre Smith, OCT - Manager
  • Suzanne Baril (B)
  • Anna Brunette, OCT
  • Kristine Egli
  • Lily Harfouche, OCT (B)
  • Vimla Kunthasami, OCT (B)
  • Monica Landesman
  • Jessica Qua Hiansen
  • Kathy Plamondon (B)

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